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Impact Your Students

Do you have a vision for seeing your student and adult leaders better capture God’s view of the world?

We want to help make that vision a reality.

NEXT Team missions are incredible opportunities for young men and women to be used by God in ways they never thought possible, and for them to see God in ways that they have never seen Him before. Unfortunately, many people today view missions the same way they view worship. Both are seen more in the context of what the church does as opposed to who the church is.

East-West NEXT Teams wants followers of Christ to understand that missions and worship go hand in hand. Neither one is to be treated like a faucet, which can be turned on and off for a period of time. Instead, our lives should be defined by worship, and that worship should lead to a life of active missional living. NEXT wants to equip students and young adults to Live the Mission!

At East-West NEXT Teams, we’ve brought together Church Planting Missions and Missional Leadership Training into one life-changing experience that will give you the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to radically transform how you and the members of your group live your lives.

So instead of asking, “Should we go?” the real question is “Where and when should we go?”  Join us in helping establish new churches all over the globe as you and your group discover how to Live the Mission God has for you!

What to Expect

You can expect our experienced mission staff to walk you through this entire process.

From the initial interest email, all the way through trip follow up, NEXT Teams coordinates and organizes every step of the process. Group leaders only have to focus on mobilizing their participants to sign up for the trip, and facilitating the provided pre-trip training. NEXT Teams takes it from there. While on the trip, we teach and train students in missional leadership skills, so that their experience doesn’t end with the trip, but becomes a way of life – Living the Mission.

Below is an outline of what you can expect from us, and a short list of what we expect from each group leader…

Before We Go

NEXT Teams
  • Establishes & equips church-planting pastors in-country
  • Sets up all field logistics for the team with our national partners
  • Provides promotional materials for the group leader
  • Facilitates Trip info Meetings (TIM) for groups/parents
  • After the TIM, sends regularly scheduled emails to team members and parents for consistency of communication and to keep your group on track
  • Processes registration, release forms, & background checks
  • Provides support raising tools & processes donor contributions/receipts
  • Organizes all trip logistics, including airfare and insurance
  • Provides evangelism tools and training
  • Provides pre-trip training materials (online video training and workbook)
  • Hosts final pre-trip meeting with parents/students
Group Leader
  • Reserve trip space & host a Trip Information Meeting (for students, adult leaders and parents)
  • Promote NEXT Team mission with your group & mobilize participants to fulfill trip deadlines and responsibilities (resources provided)
  • Facilitate pre-trip training (resources provided)
  • Host final pre-trip meeting
  • Get team to the airport on time

While On The Field

NEXT Teams
  • Coordinate all logistics (transportation, food, lodging, ministry sites, translators, etc.)

  • Provide daily devotionals for mission team members
  • Facilitate the Catalyst Leadership Experience
  • Facilitate team meetings & debrief sessions
Group Leader
  • Participate in the trip with your team
  • Encourage and minister to your team members

When We Return

NEXT Teams
  • Provide follow up curriculum for participants
  • Provide follow up curriculum for group leaders
  • Provide guide for parents to help participants process trip
  • Provide next steps for students considering engaging further in missions
Group Leader
  • Lead group through follow up curriculum
  • Help students process and apply what God taught them from the mission experience

Find your NEXT Teams Trip

We work with nationals in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Kenya, Romania, South Texas, Spain, and many more places. You can partner with NEXT Teams to take your students to share the gospel in one of these places.