Multiply Disciples and Churches

What does it mean to multiply?

When the church launched in Acts 2, we witness a movement of disciples making disciples and churches planting churches. Multiplication has been ingrained in the church since its start, and it’s our aim to continue in this pattern to reach the unreached.

Why multiply?

We multiply disciples and churches because the world’s population is rapidly growing. To reach the unreached, the church must grow at an even quicker rate, motivating us to mobilize all believers to share the gospel and equip leaders under their care to multiply.

How we multiply believers and churches

The end goal of mobilizing the Church, evangelizing the lost, and equipping local believers is the formation of reproducible, self-sustaining church plants led by national leaders. We believe these indigenous partnerships are the most strategic and effective way to multiply mature disciples and healthy churches in these dark nations.

Scripture teaches that the Church isn’t a building, it’s a gathering of disciples. To that end, East-West defines a church as a group of three or more believers who seek to obey the commands of Christ together.

Below is an example of how disciple and church multiplication work. 

1. Three or more believers begin to meet regularly.
2. Consistent discipleship takes place.
3. Believers share the gospel in their community and beyond.
4. Believers disciple other believers and plant new churches.
5. The cycle starts again.

Short Term and Long Term Mission Trips - East West Ministries

“So the churches were being strengthened in the faith, and were increasing in number daily.”
-Acts 16:5

Discover how you can reach the unreached with us

We aim to multiply disciples in the world’s spiritually darkest areas, and you can join us in this mission.