Year 1

Field Residency Program

Finding your role in missions can feel like an overwhelming task.

Whether you’re an upcoming college graduate in the midst of transition or simply looking for a mid-term opportunity to live on mission overseas, this residency could be your next adventure. So what are you waiting for? 

Throughout Year 1, you will work alongside our experienced long-term teams and national partners to learn the local language and culture, share the gospel, disciple the spiritually interested, and engage in church planting strategies. Our overseas residency will train and empower you for a lifetime of ministry to share the gospel wherever you are.

Year 1 Locations

East-West deploys teams of missionaries and works with national partners to start church planting movements in the spiritually darkest areas of the world. Our work spans more than 40 countries across 10 major world regions.

Internship - East West Ministries

African Coastal City Team

Overseas Internships - East West Ministries

Island Village Team

Overseas Internships - East West Ministries

Arab Urban City Team

Internship - East West Ministries

Land of Sunshine Team

University Outreach Team

University Outreach Team

“The Year 1 Residency is a beautiful program for those interested in potentially pursuing global ministry. It is curated to allow oneself to have a season dedicated to learning and exploring ministry in a global context. The residency encourages one to step into ministry opportunities based on spiritual giftings and interests. I never stopped learning during my Year 1 Residency.”

–Alli, Former Year 1 Resident

Frequently Asked Questions

Year 1 is a field residency program designed to train, equip, and empower new missionaries before launching them into a lifetime of cross cultural ministry. This 9 month training program will prepare you to share the gospel, make disciples, and plant churches in the spiritually darkest places of the world. Are you ready to take your next step? Begin the conversation with our team.

Your pre-field training will include ministry framework, a security intensive, and language and cultural acquisition training. Throughout your residency, you will participate in language school and receive individual and group discipleship from your team leader.

You will be fully immersed in daily life with a East-West long-term team. Weekly rhythms will include learning culture and language, training and development time, prayer walks, team fellowship, gospel sharing, and discipling new believers. Specific ministry opportunities and rhythms will vary by location.

The total cost of your residency will vary depending on the location. However, an average estimate is $20,000 for your residency. This will cover your training, round trip flight, visas, travel insurance, food, lodging, and ministry expenses.

We are committed to prioritizing the safety and security of our staff. Our International Security Team is equipped with years of professional experience to provide quality care to our deployed staff. This team provides training and protocols, continually monitors the locations of our deployed personnel, and gives 24/7 access to resources and support in the event of an emergency. Additionally, you will be trained in safety protocol for the specific location where you will serve.

As you complete your residency, we want to give you every opportunity to leverage the growth and experience that you have gained! After finishing Year 1, we will work with you to provide opportunities to serve, either on staff with East-West or with one of the like-minded organizations we partner with.

Let's start by getting to know you!