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Annual Reports

Each April, we release our annual report where we share stories of life change, scriptures, ministry results, inspiring quotes, financial information, and more. Our hope is that these reports motivate you to worship as we praise the Lord for his miraculous works among the unreached.

Is Jesus God?

If you are seeking answers about the person of Jesus, East-West would like to help you by sending you the book Is Jesus God?, absolutely free. Complete the online request form, and we will send you a copy of Is Jesus God? by East-West founder John Maisel.

Awe of Jesus

Every person is made for God. In his book, Awe of Jesus, John Maisel present a case for the gospel that leaves readers in awe of Jesus Christ and his miraculous work through his death and resurrection. You can download a free copy of Awe of Jesus using the link below.

The Gift of God

What if you could know God in a real and intimate way? In John Maisel’s book, The Gift of God, our Founder shares how a true, life-giving relationship with your Maker is possible through Jesus Christ. By simply completing our online request form, we will send you The Gift of God at no cost.

From the Front lines

Devotionals from the Field

Discover what spiritual truths inspire our missionaries and national partners to give their lives for the mission of God.

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