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Did you know that over two-thirds of high school students who were raised in church will never return to active involvement in a local church after they graduate?

It’s true. As concerning as that may be, we believe a major contributor to that is the reality that most students view the Christian life from the seat of a consumer, taking in the amenities the church offers. Most don’t see themselves as a contributor, actively pushing back darkness, advancing God’s mission and His kingdom purposes. As God’s people, we can’t just stand by and watch this ‘Graduation Evacuation’.

So instead of sitting around and cursing the darkness, we decided to light a light.

Founded in 2005, NEXT Worldwide (now East-West NEXT Teams) was started to give high school and college students a chance to have hands-on experience in helping plant a new church while receiving high-level leadership training to equip them for a lifestyle of living on mission when they get home.

Our experienced mission staff are committed to providing a life changing opportunity for your student. Their perspective will be changed and they will gain a better understanding of what it means to be a part of God’s global purpose. They will be trained to engage with people and share the gospel as they help establish a new church in an area with little or no gospel presence.

Additionally, your student will learn missional leadership skills that will equip them to Live the Mission once they return home. Our approach will teach them that missions is not just something they do on a break. The “trip” is a catalyst for changing their outlook on life and equipping them to live missionally every day.

There IS something we can do to give our kids a chance to not become a statistic. We can give them a mission and equip them to live it out for the rest of their lives!  So, take the first step today toward equipping your child to Live the Mission God has for their lives!

About NEXT Teams' Leadership Catalyst Experience

NEXT Teams desires to help your student grow and develop as a missional leader. Want to learn about the different leadership tracks that NEXT Teams will use to help your student grow?