Equip Local Believers

What does it mean to equip believers?

We strive to put simple, reproducible, and Biblical tools in our national partners’ hands that empower them to share the gospel, make disciples, and plant churches in their spiritually dark communities.

Why do we equip believers?

We believe local leaders are the key to sustainable church planting movements in unreached areas, and desire that they thrive in their identity as Christ’s ambassadors. Through our equipping efforts, we give our national partners the confidence and skills they need to build strong, grace-oriented gospel movements.

Short Term and Long Term Mission Trips - East West Ministries

How we equip local believers

Our equipping strategy takes our national partners on a journey through various obedience-based trainings so that they have the skills and resources necessary to make disciples and plant rapidly multiplying churches. As these leaders display commitment to the mission, they advance through the following training modules.

  • Four Fields Training
  • Women’s Ministry Training
  • Pastoral and Leadership Training
  • Degree Level Training

“And the things you have heard me say¬†in the presence of many witnesses¬†entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”
-2 Timothy 2:2

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We’ve created a resource you can use to learn about major world religions and how you can share the gospel with people from different faith backgrounds.