Ramadan Resources

Ramadan is the most significant month in the Muslim calendar. As you seek to show your Muslim friends the love of Christ this Ramadan, learn more about what they believe and sharing the gospel with them.


Many followers of the Prophet Muhammad around the world restructure their calendars to permit what is intended to be a month of heightened devotion and pursuit of Allah. For about 30 days, Muslims seek spiritual rejuvenation through the reading of the Quran, prayer, and—most notably—fasting from sunrise to sunset. Continue reading.

Islam is a monotheistic religion founded by their Prophet, Muhammad, in the seventh century. Muslims believe the angel Gabriel visited Muhammad to reveal the words of Allah. These revelations are documented in the Qur’an. Read more.

Discover how to lovingly share the gospel with Muslim neighbors and friends. Discover how.

Pastor Afshin Ziafat, a Muslim Background Believer, shares how to love those who follow Muhammad. Learn how.


One day while studying for her college exams, Zuma met a team of East-West short-term missionaries. After some small talk, the group asked her about her faith and began talking about Jesus with her. Continue reading.


In this predominantly Muslim region, God is bringing His global Church together.


Pray for more than 2 billion Muslims worldwide who will observe the month of Ramadan.