Overseas Internships

What would it look like to give a season of your life to the unreached?

You believe God has put it on your heart to go, but you have no idea where to start. You may be wrestling with if this is really what you’re meant to do or how to share Jesus with others. Learning a language and immersing yourself in a new culture seems daunting. If you’re exploring missions but aren’t sure where to begin, our overseas internships can help you discern what’s next. 

Whether it’s one month or a whole year, you will learn more about the local language, culture, and spiritual condition as you get a glimpse into daily life overseas. Throughout your internship, you will learn how to pray boldly, abide in Jesus, and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit as you assist our national partners and long-term teams in starting church planting movements among the unreached.

Summer 2024 Internship Locations

Overseas Internships - East West Ministries

Arab Urban City Team

This ancient city is filled with a rich history, hospitable culture, and millions of unreached people.You will spend your weekdays learning arabic and searching for people of peace. Your time working for a local business will open doors for you to befriend others and share Christ. You will grow in your ability to share the gospel across cultural barriers, and gain valuable training partnering with our long-term team and nationals.

Overseas Internships - East West Ministries

Island Village Team

Journey to a land that is surrounded by ocean, luscious jungles, and one of the most populated countries in the world. This culture is richly diverse with only 3% of people identifying as believers. You will strategize alongside our long-term team on how to overcome geographical and cultural barriers so that others are able to hear the gospel.

“This internship made me realize the depth and overwhelming need for people to live overseas and share their faith. It showed me how the Lord calls people to go overseas, but he doesn’t just call people, he goes with them.”

–Ashley, Former Middle East Intern.

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