Unwrap Hope

2021 Gift Catalog

The Light of the World

“When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life!'”
-John 8:12

When Jesus came into the world, He brought with Him “‘the light of life.'” Those who choose to follow Him have this light and no longer walk in darkness. 

But for billions of people, this light is out of reach. They have no access to the gospel and the knowledge of Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins.

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East-West wants to change that. We are taking the gospel to the spiritually darkest areas of the world so that people from every tribe, tongue, and nation can worship the greatest Christmas gift of all time. 

Throughout this gift catalog, you will find ways you can support the mission of East-West. Help us shed God’s light to overcome spiritual darkness. 

Join the Multipliers

Continually make a Kingdom impact to advance the gospel by giving a monthly gift. Become a Multiplier through a monthly act of generosity, and see your recurring gift multiply disciples and churches among the unreached.

Where the Gospel is Most Needed

Our vision is to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead to make disciples and start churches. Your selection of this gift allows us to leverage your generosity as opportunities arise where the gospel is most needed.

Share the Gospel

Your gift to our creative evangelism efforts help to spread the message of Jesus Christ among the unreached.

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A one-time gift of $60 reaches 1,000 people with the gospel.

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A monthly Multiplier gift of $48 reaches 9,600 a year.

Equip Leaders

Your gift to equip leaders will give national partners the tools that they need to rapidly advance the gospel, multiply disciples, and plant new churches in their communities.

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A one-time gift of $40 equips five leaders.

East West 2021 GC Equip Leaders Multiplier

monthly Multiplier gift of $32 equips 48 leaders a year.

Multiply Disciples and Churches

By choosing this gift, you are helping to start a reproducing cycle of churches that make disciples, who in turn plant more churches.

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A one-time gift of $110 plants five churches.

Orange icon of a church inside three concentric circles.

A monthly Multiplier gift of $88 plants 48 churches a year.

Digital Evangelism

By supporting this project, our digital evangelism team can get the gospel on more screens so that those seeking to know God have a chance to do so under the discipleship of a local church.

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A one-time gift of $70 reaches 500 people with the gospel.

Green icon of a smartphone with a megaphone over it inside three concentric circles.

monthly Multiplier gift of $35 reaches 3,000 people a year with the gospel.

Jesus Film Ministry

Your gift will give our national partners the resources they need to take the “JESUS” film to remote communities.

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Teal icon of a spool of film inside three concentric circles.

Give a one-time gift of $60 or a monthly Multiplier gift of $45 to support this ministry for an even greater impact.

Arise Women's Ministry

Your gift supports the mission of Arise to call, connect, and commission women to be a powerful force for the Kingdom of God, as well as helps Arise epand to 70 cities across North America.

Green circle with green script inside reading 'arise'.
Three nested green circles with green script inside reading 'arise'.

Give a one-time give of $50 or a monthly Multiplier gift of $25 to support Arise for an even greater impact.

Bekele's Story

Solomon* an East-West missionary training in East Africa, often traveled by a neighboring village, praying as he passed by for God to give him an opportunity to take the gospel to this village. That opportunity arrived when his friends asked him to share the gospel with a name named Bekele*.

Bekele agreed to meet with Solomon, and the two men sat down one day to have a spiritual converation. Solomon shared the gospel and explained the cost of sin, including Bekele’s sin. He told Bekele how Christ could being hope and peace to his troubled home. 

Books from East-West

80 Days with John Maisel

Journey through 80 days of devotionals written by East-West founder John Maisel. Be encouraged to proclaim the gospel with boldness, prepared to endure suffering, and guided through living a life with Christ-like character. All profits from “80 Days with John Maisel” support East-West’s vision to take the gospel to the spiritually darkest places in the world.

Revitalist Arise

Women who are longing to be used by God to pour out revival can follow this 40-day devotional, written by Julie King, the vice president of the Arise movement. All profits from “Revivalist Arise” purchases will support efforts to empower women in the gospel. 

Planned Giving

You can choose a tribute in your will to honor a family member or designate East-West as a beneficiary for part of your IRA to benefit the Kingdom of God this year.

Stock Gifts

Your stock market earnings can help fulfill the Great Commission. To get started, contact our Development Department.

Free Honor Card

Let your family and friends know you are honoring them by giving gospel hope to the unreached this Christmas. Download the card below, and follow the simple instructions to print your cards at home.

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