Unwrap Hope

2022 Gift Catalog

Give the Gift of Hope​

By choosing a gift below, you are supporting efforts to take the gospel to the most unreached areas of the world this Christmas. You can make a one-time gift or a monthly Multiplier gift for an even greater impact.

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Where the Gospel is Most Needed

God is powerfully at work around the world. Our vision is to follow where the Holy Spirit leads as we seek to make disciples and plant churches in  44 countries. Choosing to give where the gospel is most needed allows us to leverage your generosity as  opportunities arise in unreached areas around the world.

Share the Gospel

Your gift to our creative evangelism efforts helps spread the message of Jesus Christ among the unreached.

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  • A one-time gift of $60 reaches 1,000 people
  • A Multiplier gift of $48 per month reaches 9,600 people a year

Equip Leaders

Your gift to equip leaders will give national partners the tools they need to rapidly advance the gospel, multiply disciples, and plant new  churches in their countries.

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  • A one-time gift of $40 equips 5 leaders 
  • A Multiplier gift of $32 per month equips 48 leaders a year

Multiplying Disciple-Making Churches

By choosing this gift, you are helping start reproducible cycles of churches that make and multiply disciples, who in turn multiply more disciples and churches.

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  • A one-time gift of $110 plants 5 churches
  • A Multiplier gift of $88 per month plants 48 churches a year

Digital Strategies

By supporting this project, our Digital Strategies team can start more spiritual conversations online so that those seeking to know God have the chance to do so offline under the discipleship of a local church.

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  • A one-time gift of $60 reaches 1,500 people
  • A Multiplier gift of $30 per month reaches 9,000 people a year

Medical Outreach

East-West’s medical outreach ministry allows field workers to gain access to unreached regions through the gift of medicine. Your gift supports efforts to train local leaders in basic medical care.

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  • A one-time gift of $100 trains 2 leaders
  • A Multiplier gift of $75 per month trains 18 leaders a year

South Asian Women's Ministry

East-West’s women’s ministry is equipping women to go, grow, and multiply followers of Jesus. Your gift supports training that will equip women to multiply disciples and plant churches.

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  • A one-time gift of $80 trains 10 women
  • A Multiplier gift of $40 per month trains 60 women a year

Become a Multiplier

Continually make a Kingdom impact to advance the gospel by giving a monthly gift. Become a Multiplier through a monthly act of generosity, and see your recurring gift multiply disciples and churches among the unreached.

Barata's Story

Barata was not going to hear the gospel from people in his community. He belongs to an unreached people group of 15 million people in Southeast Asia. Less than 1% of those in his community follow Jesus.

But, God had a plan for Barata and led Oscar, an East-West missionary, to him to share the gospel. Barata had been a Muslim all of his life. Yet when he heard about the love and forgiveness of Jesus, he knew he had to give his life to this wonderful Savior.

Books from East-West

Awakening to the Holy Spirit

Do you know who the Holy Spirit is and His purpose and power in your life? Kurt Nelson, President and CEO of East-West, explains the divine role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer, how to experience the Holy Spirit in everyday life, and his own personal practices in interacting with the Spirit. Get your copy of “Awakening to the Holy Spirit” to understand the Person, presence, power, and purpose of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Planned Giving

You can choose a tribute in your will to honor a family member or designate East-West as a beneficiary for part of your IRA to benefit the Kingdom of God this year.

Stock Gifts

Your stock market earnings can help fulfill the Great Commission. To get started, contact our Development Department.

Free Honor Card

Let your family and friends know you are honoring them by giving gospel hope to the unreached this Christmas. Download the card below, and follow the simple instructions to print your cards at home.

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