Extreme Teams

What to know before you go

South Asia is filled with people who have never heard the Name of Jesus, but the few local believers are determined reach every corner of their nation with the gospel.

In this region, East-West equips national partners with the tools to share the gospel in the most remote areas of their country. A chain of grassroots church planting movements are igniting throughout South Asia through short-term teams, the JESUS Film, and this committed group of nationals.

On an Extreme Team, you’ll work alongside these believers to share the gospel in remote villages to establish God’s Kingdom in one of the most unreached areas of the world. And as you do so, you’ll encourage and equip the local church to multiply.

Each day will consist of 10-15 miles of hiking/backpacking in a high altitude environment (7,000-12,000 ft.). The terrain consists of loose rock, stream crossings, and steep, rocky incline trails. Each team member will need to have a high level of fitness and be able to hike with a 40-50 pound backpack each day. Team members will spend most of their time outdoors. 

If you would like more information regarding our team please email the Short-Term Mission Teams at [email protected].