Southeast Asia

Empowering a New Movement

Our area of focus in Southeast Asia has one of the highest concentrations of unreached peoples in the world. Every day, the believers in this region face the threats of persecution from the vast Muslim population or deep-seated communist beliefs.

Because of this difficult terrain, spreading the gospel is a life-threatening commitment. But the nationals of Southeast Asia are passionate about learning as much as possible to adequately share the truth with others. With intentional focus and one-on-one evangelism, believers are reaching their neighbors for Christ.

East-West is dedicated to multiplying leaders in this region so that national-led church planting movements may take place. We have adapted strategies from some of the most prominent church planting movements in the world and are empowering nationals to effectively plant healthy churches among the unreached of their nations.

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Explore upcoming opportunities to serve alongside our missionaries and national partners in Southeast Asia.

How you can pray for Southeast Asia

  • Pray that local leaders who attend our church planting trainings put into practice the tools they learn in their ministry fields
  • Pray for breakthrough in Muslim and communist strongholds 
  • Pray for more opportunities to train national partners to make disciples

Women of Faith

In Southeast Asia, light is spreading as women of faith gather in increasing numbers. Together they are being equipped by East-West missionaries to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to people who do not know Him.

Linh is one of these women.

Several years ago, she heard the gospel message and accepted the free gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. But Linh’s conversion wasn’t the end of her story. It was the start.

She wasn’t content with keeping the sweetness of the gospel to herself. God filled her with a passion for the women in her village to hear about Jesus. This passion turned into action as she began sharing Jesus with over one hundred local women.

One of the first to hear and respond to the good news shared by Linh was Mai.

Soon after, Linh taught Mai how to tell her story and God’s story. These two women are now partners in ministry, traveling from house to house in their surrounding communities to join God in the work of waking hearts to life.

Linh and Mai are just two examples of what it means to be lights in a world of overwhelming spiritual darkness.

Because of their faithfulness—and the faithfulness of other women in Southeast Asia—disciples are multiplying in this unreached region of the world.

Give to Ministry in this Region

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