Russia and the Caucasus

Nationals Taking a Stand

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, periods of unrest have changed the cultural landscapes of Russia and the Caucasus. A blend of cultures and false religions characterizes these regions, resulting in a desperate need for Jesus Christ.

Persecution plagues believers in the Caucasus. A wide variety of people groups with different faith backgrounds populate the expanse of this region. Because of this, a wide range of unique strategies are needed to reach the people.

But despite the trials believers are facing, nationals are taking a stand for Jesus Christ in the Caucasus and in Russia and are passionate about reaching the lost. East-West has transitioned our ministry in this region into the hands of the Russian believers, creating a national-led and sustained ministry.

Take a short-term trip to Russia and the Caucasus

Explore upcoming opportunities to serve alongside our missionaries and national partners in the Russian and the Caucasus.

How to pray for Russia and the Caucasus

  • Pray for protection from government opposition and Islamic extremism
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would continually fill our national partners with boldness in the face of persecution
  • Pray for a spiritual awakening among unreached people groups in Russia and the Caucasus

Victory Over Addiction

Viktor wasted years addicted to drugs, and he didn’t want to be a slave to toxic substances anymore. Fortunately, his government provided affordable treatment, and he eagerly took advantage of it.

But after months of treatment, Viktor was still searching for the feeling that only drugs had brought him. His treatment was proving useless, and he had never been more discouraged. Until one day, an evangelist shared with him the hope that Jesus Christ could bring. Hope that he could break free from his addiction for the rest of his life.

Viktor sat in tears taking every word the evangelist said to heart. This was the message he had been waiting to hear, and he surrendered his life to Christ. That day Viktor found the feelings of peace and joy that he had sought all of his life.

Now Viktor is an evangelist himself and reaches out to those in government drug treatments to share with them a message of true hope in Jesus Christ.

Give to Ministry in this Region

Are you passionate about the unreached in Russia and the Caucasus? You can participate in our work in this field by giving to support the ongoing ministry of our faithful national partners.