North America

Reaching the Nations at Home

Today, the spiritually darkest places are no longer located in far off countries.

They are across town and even across the street. The same people groups we send missionaries to are planting roots and growing families in cities throughout North America.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex alone, there are 300 ethno-linguistic people groups and upward of 400 people move to the area each day—70% of which are foreign born. Despite the large number of churches in this area, many of these unreached people groups remain culturally and linguistically far from an effective gospel witness.

Through our North America field strategy, East-West is responding to this migration of peoples, known as the Global Diaspora, with a Biblical plan to access households far from Jesus and follow relationship lines back to their countries of origin.

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Interested in making disciples and planting churches in North America? We can help you create a strategic plan to engage your neighbors in spiritual conversations.

How to pray for North America

  • Pray that local churches would be convicted about making disciples outside of their church’s walls
  • Pray that new believers would have an interest in obeying the Great Commission immediately after trusting in Jesus
  • Pray that God would call believers in North America to move overseas

Learning to Fish

God’s name is being proclaimed among the nations, including people from foreign places living in our communities throughout the United States.

A group of East-West’s North America field strategy missionaries have set out to multiply disciples and churches in our own country among immigrants from unreached and closed countries. In one month, they shared the gospel over 120 times and witnessed 20 people from diverse cultures trust in Christ.

One of the people they’ve led to Jesus is John, a student in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. John was born and raised in India to a family devoted to Sikhism, an eastern religion founded in the 15th century. Though John grew up worshipping one god, he did not know the one true God.

When he moved to the United States for school, that all changed.

During a normal day of sharing on campus, the missionaries crossed paths with John and instantly struck up a conversation. As they got to know him, they had the opportunity to share with him the love that Jesus has for all people. For the first time, John understood his need for a Savior and cried out to Jesus. His life radically changed in that moment.

John has since learned what it means to obey Jesus by fishing for men and has joined the missionaries who led him to faith to help share the gospel with the unreached in America.

On his college campus, God has given Jon a story and platform to glorify His Name with other students who come from similar cultural backgrounds. Though he isn’t a seasoned missionary, John has led multiple people to Christ.

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