Fanning the Flame

A battle rages throughout Europe for the hearts and souls of this region’s people. Atheism, minority religions, and spiritual apathy tied to post-modernism shackle many, and varying political and social environments present unique trials from country to country.

But a spark of true faith has ignited in Europe and is slowly growing into a steady flame. East-West fans the flame of faith in this region by training local believers to share their faith in Christ and plant churches. And as immigrants and refugees continue to pour into this region due to war, believers are equipped to spread the life-giving message of the gospel with them. As they step out in obedience, masses of people from unreached people groups are coming into contact with the love of Christ.

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How you can pray for Europe

  • Pray for revival among Atheists and the spiritually apathetic across Europe
  • Pray for refugees and immigrants to encounter the love of Christ as they work to resettle
  • Pray that existing churches would have a heart to share the gospel and multiply disciples

How God is Working Among Refugees

Patris had nothing but a sleeping bag and backpack to his name when he met two East-West missionaries in a park. When they approached him, they simply sat down and asked him questions.

The two men soon learned Patris had fled from the Middle East and that his journey to Europe was horrific. He’d even been beaten and exploited by those who were supposed to be his Muslim brothers.

When Patris finished sharing stories of his narrow escape, one of the missionaries prayed for him. But his prayers were silenced as God brought him to tears over Patris’s troubles. Patris was shocked by this man’s compassion and said, “Our Muslim brothers robbed and beat us as we fled our countries, but this Christian man shed his own tears as he prayed for us!”

Disillusioned by his Muslim faith, Patris and the other Muslim men who’d gathered around the missionaries were open to hear the gospel. And although they did not trust in Jesus that day, the missionaries’ kindness, prayers, and proclamation of the gospel planted a seed in their hearts.

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