Meeting Physical and Spiritual Needs

Ministry to the unreached in Africa is a challenge due to large pockets of remote people groups. With no access to basic essentials like electricity and running water, the people of Africa’s primary concern is meeting their physical needs. But poverty is not the only hindrance to the gospel.

Large, traditional churches emphasize religious legalism rather than the gospel, keeping their growth small or stagnant. The burden of spreading the gospel falls upon the few who dare to challenge tradition.

New evangelical believers are now choosing to do just that. They are rising up and forming smaller house churches that quickly multiply rather than remain stagnant, paving the path for the gospel to spread quickly throughout pockets of lostness in Africa.

East-West comes alongside these nationals who are taking the message of the gospel throughout their land, helping them provide necessary humanitarian aid and integral training in evangelism and church planting. By combining our resources, East-West and nationals are meeting the physical and spiritual needs of Africans.

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Join Us in Praying for Africa

  • Pray the Lord provides for the physical needs the people of Africa desperately need, like food, clean water, safe shelter, and electricity
  • Pray for national partners who have stepped out of their church tradition to make disciples and plant churches in unreached populations
  • Pray for missionaries providing strategic direction and training to our national teams

A Growing Church

In Africa, a team of East-West national partners gathered to share updates on their evangelism and church planting ministries.

There was much to celebrate, but the room went silent when Pavlina spoke up.

She was 81-years-old and God was still using her in amazing ways among the unreached in her homeland. Despite her age, Pavlina was able to travel—furthering the message of the gospel. And the Lord blessed her evangelism efforts.

On that day, she shared that 127 new house churches had started through her work.

And God is not finished with her yet.

Pavlina’s faithful gospel witness is an inspiration to female leaders in this region of the world. In the churches she’s helped start, she now disciples the women—raising them up in the teachings of Christ to be bold evangelists, Bible teachers, mothers, and wives.

Through Pavlina and the rising leaders she mentors, the church is exploding in Africa.

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