JESUS Film Projectors

The JESUS Film projectors are an innovative way to bring the Good News to remote villages. With the new Mini Vista Solar-Powered projection system, our national partners are able to carry the complete contents of the projection system, along with their other belongings for a week, in a simple backpack.

Equipped with the small projector that contains a micro SD card (with the film in as many as five languages per card), a small tripod, and mini speakers, these partners can travel great distances to show the JESUS Film to even the most remote regions of their countries. Each showing of the film brings Jesus to the masses—exposing more than 100 people per viewing.

The cost of each projector includes the equipment, shipping, administration fee, customs, the salary and travel expenses of a church planter for one year, and invaluable opportunities to expose more than 21,000 people per year to the life-transforming message of the gospel.

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