Year 1

East-West Residency Program

What would it look like to give one year of your life to the unreached? What would it look like to give one year of your life investing in what’s eternal?

Whether you’re an upcoming college graduate in the midst of transition or simply looking for a mid-term opportunity to live on mission overseas, this residency could be your next adventure. So what are you waiting for? 

Throughout Year 1, you will work alongside our experienced long-term teams and national partners to learn the local language and culture, share the gospel, disciple the spiritually interested, and engage in church planting strategies. Our overseas residency will train and empower you to for a lifetime of ministry to share the gospel wherever you are.

Year 1 Locations

East-West deploys teams of missionaries and works with national partners to start church planting movements in the spiritually darkest areas of the world. Our work spans more than 44 countries across 10 major world regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your pre-field training includes ministry skills, a security intensive, and language and cultural acquisition. During the program, you will receive personal and professional development through individual mentorship, small group leadership training, and certified TeamSight consulting.

You will be fully embedded with a team of East-West missionaries living overseas. You will truly get to live out a day in the life of a missionary. This includes learning a culture, learning language, participating in team meetings and events, receiving training and development, building relationships with the unreached, sharing the gospel, and discipling and training new believers.

You will receive training and resources for fundraising and a personal fundraising coach. You will also participate in a small group of other East-West staff members currently fundraising.

We are committed to keeping our staff safe and secure while serving abroad. Our International Security Team is equipped with years of professional experience for this important service. These individuals establish training and protocols, continually monitor our deployed personnel, and provide 24/7 access to resources and support in the event of an emergency.

We want to give you every opportunity to leverage the growth and experience that you have gained after a year serving abroad! After completing Year 1, we will work with you to provide opportunities to serve, either on staff with East-West or with one with one of the dozens of like-minded organizations that we partner with.

Let's start by getting to know you!