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Updates for April - June 2022

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A Longing Fulfilled: A Story From The Field

Names changed for security purposes.

Neema and Mussa had a difficult start to their marriage. When the couple began trying to build a family, Neema gave birth to three children with congenital birth defects. Tragically, each of these children only lived for a few weeks before passing away.

For several years, Neema and Mussa continued to try, without success, to conceive. They consulted sheiks and traditional medicine practitioners, but to no avail.

During a visit to a local health center in East Africa, Neema and Mussa met a Christian nurse named Ester. Ester’s testimony stopped them both in their tracks. For years, Ester and her husband were unable to conceive. After dozens of doctor’s appointments and tests, there was no medical explanation for why Ester could not get pregnant. So Ester and her husband turned to the Lord and prayed for his supernatural intervention in their situation.

Two years later, Ester conceived twins! Not long after, she was blessed with a second set of twins. Ester’s four children opened Neema and Mussa’s heart to the gospel. They wanted to hear more about this miracle-worker named Jesus. Ester met with Neema and Mussa to talk about her faith. She asked Neema a question that pierced her heart: “You can have all the children you want to have in this world and all the joy of parenthood. But what would that mean if you and your children will perish forever?”

During this conversation, Neema and Mussa realized their need for a Savior was greater than their desire for a child. They joined a discipleship group where their focus shifted from the despair of their situation to the hope of the gospel. Neema and Mussa found lasting joy in Christ. During this time of growing their faith, God blessed Neema with twins–a boy and a girl!

Today, Neema and Mussa use the testimony of God’s faithfulness in their lives to share the good news with others.

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Multipliers like you played a role in helping the gospel advance these past few months. Below are the stats from April 1-June 30.

Gospel shares: 2.5 million
Professions of faith: 245,859
Disciples multiplied: 47,100
Churches planted: 4,037
Leaders trained: 2,334

How You Can Pray

  • East Africa is a region currently experiencing civil unrest, tribal worship, and persecution of Christians. Please pray that missionaries, national partners, and local believers would be protected and strengthened. Also pray that regional conflicts would open people’s eyes to the gospel.
  • Pray that missionaries in Eastern Europe and Eurasia would persevere and have the strength to love others as the Russia-Ukraine war continues.

Other Ways You Can Multiply

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