Disciple-Making Training

At East-West, we are convinced that every follower of Jesus is called to participate in His mission. The question is, do you feel adequately equipped to live that out?

People from nations around the world are migrating to North America. Today, more than 350 unreached people groups call North America home. There is a great opportunity to reach the unreached in our own backyards. The problem is only 2% of Christians share their faith consistently.

East-West wants to help change that. Our North America field team has developed a training and equipping process to come alongside churches and individuals to help grow their confidence and competence in sharing the gospel and making disciples.

We invite you to attend one of our monthly Disciple-Making Trainings. You will learn basic disciple-making practices, principles, and more. We’d love for you to take this first step as you begin your journey of making disciples. See our training dates and register below.