Your Path to the unreached

Guiding You in Your Next Step to the Nations

Explore: Getting to Know You

You will have a series of introduction calls with the Recruitment team to explore your calling, experience, passions, and interests. You will also have a chance  to learn more about East-West.

Discover Your Role

  • You will complete the first part of the East-West missionary application and two leadership assessments, which will allow our team to get to know you more. You will participate in a series of meetings to learn about opportunities around the world to determine your potential ministry location.
  • This step will also involve an assessment by your church leadership with the goal of receiving approval from your home church to continue in the candidate process.

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Interviews with the Hiring Team

  • You will complete the second part of the East-West Missionary Application and will then participate in a series of field interviews, and discuss some of the challenges and joys of cross-cultural ministry.
  • We will also talk with your references listed on your application and check in again with your church leadership/pastor.


This step represents the completion of the missionary assessment process and marks the transition to the provisional staff phase. You will receive an offer letter from East-West and will begin onboarding and training.


  • Preparing for overseas missionary work will last a lifetime, but there are critical steps you can take before deploying to your ministry location that will help prepare you to face the joys and challenges of being a missionary. Experienced East-West staff will come alongside you to create a customized equipping and preparation plan that involves a holistic pre-deployment experience with key aspects, such as support raising, member care, ministry equipping, employee onboarding, and more. 
  • Your training will consist of online meetings and consultations, in-person classroom and online interactive training sessions, personal homework and preparation, and customized training objectives for your specific ministry location. For some, this may also include spending time at a training center like Missionary Training Institute or Global Frontier Missions. Additional training requirements may also include language learning in a country outside of your deployment location. 
  • Our hope is that you are well-equipped for success every step of the journey as you prepare for deployment. We look forward to sharing more information about the onboarding and preparation journey during the Discovery Coaching and interview experience.

* More information will be provided through the Discovery Coaching and interview experience.


Be commissioned into the field, join your new team, and begin the adventure of ministry overseas. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

With a biblical perspective, training, and guidance, support-raising is a time where God shows up in ways you’ve never experienced before. It is also a time of refining in our lives where resiliency is required and tremendous growth is the result. East-West will be on this journey with you as you create a ministry budget, receive training and in-house coaching, and learn how to use our donor management software.  Take that step of faith, and see what happens when God shows up.

Want to learn more about support raising? Check out “The God Ask” by Steve Shadrach.

Yes, we do! We want our missionaries, staff, and their extended families to have every opportunity to thrive in their mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual health.  Because East-West missionaries serve in some of the world’s spiritually darkest places, Member Care plays a key role in providing the pastoral and clinical care our missionaries depend on for their effectiveness, longevity, and wellbeing.

East-West missionaries serve in some of the world’s spiritually darkest places. It is the mission of the East-West Security and Crisis Management Team to help enable staff and partners in successful global operations as the Lord directs. While enabling staff and partners, we will lead and operate with executive excellence immersed in a biblical foundation that glorifies God’s Kingdom and adheres to the East-West values.

All overseas missionaries complete a four-day security training prior to deploying to their overseas location as well as refresher training every four years. 

Core Ministry Model: 

  • Books of Acts/Early church growth 
  • Study the Book of Acts Study early church growth

Core Ministry Framework: Concept of 4-Fields 

  • Learn more about the 4-Fields Framework (Link)