Latin America

February 2023







Latin America

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Children’s Teams


Vicki M. & Ashlyn W.


Closed Recruitment

Engaging the Community

Spiritual confusion, poverty, and oppressive societies have long kept the gospel from advancing through Latin America. But the people are searching for hope.

Recognizing that their tribal religions cannot provide the answers they’re looking for, Latin Americans are seeking truth and finding it … in the gospel. The Church, fueled by the power of the gospel message, is advancing as nationals take up the cause of Christ.

Our Children’s Team strategy uses oral methodology in order to share diverse cultures and areas. Regardless of where you want to go and how long you are able to stay, our children’s ministry strategy allows your group to participate in sharing the gospel in a compelling, creative way that resonates with children and their families.

You can journey to Latin America to work alongside these nationals to encourage and stimulate their faith while engaging in community outreach. In doing so, you will experience God’s hand at work through divine appointments in Latin America.

If you would like more information regarding this trip, please email the Short-Term Mission Trip Team at [email protected].