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Medical Outreach

In remote villages in Africa and Asia, people have limited access to both the gospel and basic health care. East-West’s medical outreach ministry allows field workers to gain access to unreached regions through the gift of medicine. Your gift supports efforts to train local leaders in basic medical care. Once trained, these evangelists can go into unreached villages, display the love of Christ, share the gospel, and disciple new believers who begin gathering in new churches.

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Suggested Gift

A one-time gift of $100 trains 2 leaders

A Multiplier gift of $75 per month trains 18 leaders a year

Your financial contribution to the general ministry of East-West allows our organization to fully support the various ministry endeavors to which God has called our ministry. Funds for the general ministry of East-West will be directed to the areas of most need with the purpose of supporting our daily operations, strengthening our infrastructure, allowing for the flexibility to respond to new or changing conditions, planning for the long term, and investing in staff and technology.

East-West Ministries International attempts, whenever consistent with its charitable purpose and budget, to honor preferences expressed by our ministry partners regarding the use of their gifts. However, East-West at all times maintains full control over all funds donated to East-West and ultimate discretion as to their use, including redirection to other ministry needs. This ensures that all funds will be used most effectively to carry out East-West’s religious and charitable purposes, as required for contributions to be tax-deductible in the United States.

East-West Ministries International adheres to ECFA Standard 7.2 that states: Occasionally, givers request a refund of a charitable gift they made previously. Since contributions must be irrevocable to qualify for a charitable deduction, there generally is no basis to return a charitable gift to a donor.” However, on rare occasions a donor may be refunded if a gift was made in error, and it was clearly not the intent of the donor to initiate the charitable donation in the first place. This will be reviewed by the Financial Services Department on a case by case basis.