North America

Church Planting Cohort

Do you have a desire to grow in your confidence and competence to make and multiply disciples and churches in a simple and reproducible way?

Apply to join the North America Church Planting Cohort. The cohort is an experiential learning community for those who faithfully share the gospel and have started groups. Its purpose is to take seed sowers and group/church starters and assist them to get to multiplication. The cohort takes place over six to eight months with an average of six to eight hours of time commitment per week. Timing is flexible to meet the needs and availability of the group.

What to Expect

The content of the cohort is equipping and mobilizing disciples with the tools that facilitate multiplication. But more importantly, it teaches movement principles from Scripture that allows disciples to contextualize and troubleshoot in various settings. Although, it is not primarily the content that is the greatest value, but the cohort is a community of practice. Not only will you be learning skills and content consistent with a movement strategy, but you will be participating in the work locally among a team of practitioners. Each week participants will: 

  • Gather for the learning cohort
  • Engage lostness and share the gospel
  • Lead a group/church
  • Participate in coaching/accountability
  • Read, research, and self-study

It is best practice to have a rhythm of being equipped, equipping others, and engaging lostness while being coached and held accountable over a period of time. The cohort is one of the most impactful tools to catalyze movements in cities and mobilize people to the gaps where people or places do not yet have a faithful gospel witness.

Expectations of Participants

  • Desire to make and multiply disciples and churches
  • Regularly sharing the gospel
  • Have started or led a discipleship group or church
  • An abiding life in Christ
  • A teachable spirit
  • Commitment to actively participate in all activities
  • Willingness to collaborate and coalesce with other likeminded individuals