Annual Report

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A Letter from Kurt Nelson

The number 30 is significant in the Bible. The age of 30 marked an age of maturity, and both John the Baptist and Jesus were about 30 years old when they began their ministry. For them, 30 wasn’t the end of something but the beginning.

As East-West enters its 30th year of ministry, I’m viewing this anniversary in the same way. This is only the beginning of the incredible things God will and continues to do among the unreached worldwide.

And we truly believe it is God doing the work. Yes, we do mobilize the church and partner with local believers in more than 40 countries. We do share the gospel with those who have never heard the name of Jesus. We do train indigenous leaders to multiply disciples and churches in their communities. But none of this would be possible without the provision and power of our Lord. He said people from all nations will one day worship Him (Revelation 7:9), and He will see that it is accomplished.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate all that God has done over the past 30 years and expectantly look ahead to what’s next. As you read the statistics and stories in this report, I pray that your heart is stirred to want to do even more to partner with God in this gospel work. After all, we all have a role to play in the Great Commission.

Where We Work

East-West works among unreached people groups in 44 countries* encompassing 10 major world regions. Of the countries we operate, 19 countries (43%) are on the World Watch List for places where Christians are most persecuted.

*These countries include established ministry fields and developing ministry fields.


For 30 years, God has worked through East-West to take the gospel to millions of unreached people and multiply scores of disciples and churches. East-West has grown from operating in one Soviet-era nation to working in more than 40 nations and partnering with thousands of local believers where the name of Jesus is unknown. We are praising God for all the ways He has allowed us to shine His light in the world’s spiritually darkest places.

A Snapshot of God's Work

Over 30 years, East-West has seen more than:

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275 million gospel shares.

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21 million professe faith in Jesus.

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330,000 churches were planted.


Our History

East West annual report 1993
East-West Ministries International is founded in Russia
East West annual report 1995
East-West expands beyond Russia to Central Asia
East West annual report 1997
Ministry being in Latin America and Europe
East West annual report 1999
Ministry begins in East Asia
East West annual report 2002
Ministry begins in Africa
East West annual report 2003
Ministry being in Southeast Asia
East West annual report 2005
Ministry being in South Asia
East West annual report 2007 SA
East-West launches church planting movement strategies on the field
East West annual report 2007 ME
Ministry begins in the Middle East
East West annual report 2008
Ministry begins in the North America
East West annual report 2010
Kurt Nelson becomes President and CEO
East West annual report 2012
East-West focuses on disciple making strategies
East West annual report 2019
East-West acquires NEXT Worldwide, expanding missions opportunities for students
East West 30Years
East-West celebrates 30 years of ministry

Stories Over the Years

in the

Before the fateful fall of the Berlin Wall, two men began taking the gospel behind the Iron Curtain. John Maisel and Bud Toole followed the Lord’s leading to reach the lost and train church leaders in spiritually dark nations—beginning with Russia.


Barata was not going to hear the gospel from people in his community. He belongs to an unreached people group of 15 million people in Southeast Asia. Less than 1% of those in his community follow Jesus. But, God had a plan for Barata and led Oscar, an East-West missionary, to him to share the gospel. 


In her dream, Bashira was in the middle of a vast ocean before daybreak. As the blazing sun expanded across the horizon, she knew it was a sign guiding her to be baptized in the waters. She woke up to a sweeping peace and refreshment, curious about the Christian practice of baptism.

2022 Ministry Statistics

East West Share the Gospel Icon

10.1 million people were reached with the gospel.

East West Professeed Faith 2023 Icon
1 million professed faith in Christ.
East West Disciples Multiplied 2023 Icon
199,482 disciples were multiplied.
East West Churches Planted 2023 Icon
16,616 churches were planted.
East West Leaders trained 2023 Icon
8,664 leaders were trained.
East West Send workers icon

711 workers were sent.

East West Unreach pplGroup 2023 Icon
24 new unreached people groups were engaged.

2022 Financial Highlights

East-West is supported by the gifts of partners who share our passion for multiplying disciples in the world’s spiritually darkest areas.

We are committed to steward well the resources God has given us to take the gospel to those who have not heard of Jesus Christ’s saving work on the cross. We strive to communicate the impact and needs of these projects with integrity. Because you are one of our financial partners, we wanted to share with you our financial highlights from 2022.

East West 2022Revenue
East West

What's Next for 2023?

We are excited to see what the Lord does through 2023.

Even You

There is a critical mission to be carried out, but many of us feel we can’t contribute to it. We’re too weak. We’re too shy. We don’t have the right skills or personality. We’re not good enough to really make a difference.

But believe it or not, you are exactly the person God is looking for. Those who feel inadequate, ill-equipped, and afraid are the kind of people the Lord raises up to accomplish great things. The Great Commission is not reserved for just the brave, the outgoing, or the talented. God has a role for every believer—even you.

Get Involved in 2023

Are you ready be a part of the work God is doing among the unreached? Partner with us in this Great Commission work in any of the ways below.

What’s your role?