Annual Report

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A Letter from Kurt Nelson

East-West seeks to reach the unreached through four key methods: mobilize, evangelize, equip, and multiply. These words drive our strategies, goals, and prayers.

In 2021, we launched a new vision campaign called One Church. All People. I believe this vision reflects the four methods outlined in our mission statement. To unify Christ’s global Church to advance the gospel, believers must mobilize and equip believers worldwide. To reach all people, believers must evangelize and multiply followers of Jesus among the unreached.

The beautiful thing about this vision campaign is that we cannot accomplish it alone. It requires that we partner with mission-minded believers—people like you—to carry out this Great Commission work. The generosity of your time, resources, and prayers played an enormous role in reaching millions with the gospel and planting thousands of churches in 2021. Thank you and to God be the glory!

In this annual report, you will find the fruit of our ministry efforts in 2021 along with powerful stories and financial information. I am grateful for your ongoing support of East-West! I pray that you are encouraged by the way God is using you to shine His light to overcome spiritual darkness.

Where We Work

East-West works among unreached people groups in 78 countries* encompassing 10 regions around the world. 32 of these countries (41%) are on the World Watch List for places where Christians are most persecuted.

*These countries include established ministry fields and developing ministry fields.


Ministry Statistics

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14.7 million people were reached with the gospel.

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1.2 million professed faith in Christ.

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249,743 disciples were multiplied.

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22,215 churches were planted.

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15,660 leaders were trained.

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299 workers were sent.

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13 new unreached people groups were engaged.

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1 global gateway city strategy was launched.

2021 Recap

In 2021, God opened doors for field workers to reach unreached people groups and revealed new ways of engaging the lost.



As the pandemic closed international borders in 2020, short-term mission teams were unable to leave the U.S. Many teams were postponed or canceled. Some focused on reaching unreached people groups in the U.S. In 2021, borders began to reopen, and a total of 14 international teams deployed to the mission field. As 2022 continues, we pray God opens more doors for teams to take the gospel to the unreached worldwide.




The Afghanistan government collapsed as the Taliban took control of Kabul, leading thousands of Afghanis to flee the country. As afghan refugees are arriving in new countries, God has been at work through this tragedy in places where East-West field workers engage with refugees. In regions like North America and Europe, Afghan families are meeting missionaries and national partners and hearing the gospel for the first time. Some have even accepted Jesus and started studying the Bible. Pray that Afghan refugees would find comfort and peace in Jesus during these heartbreaking circumstances.




Billions of people have access to the internet through smartphones. These people include unreached people groups. Digital advertising can help missionaries and national partners reach more people in less time. When someone responds to a digital ad with a gospel presentation or other spiritual content, a local field worker starts a conversation with that person online. In 2021, East-West launched three new digital strategies projects in Asia and Africa. People have already begun following Jesus thanks to these projects, and East-West is looking to launch more in 2022.




The majority of the world’s population consists of oral learners. Rather than reading as their primary means of learning, oral cultures use storytelling, drama, and music. In 2021, East-West made a push to provide more orality training resources to field workers. These resources can help missionaries and national partners reach certain communities more effectively by using communication styles that resonate with particular people groups.




Read about how a family was saved after a church witnessed to them after they were trained by their pastor to make disciples.


One man attended an East-West training and then took what he learned to share the gospel in one of the most dangerous regions of his country.


One short-term team saw how God is bringing the nations to Himself in the Middle East.

Financial Statement Highlights

East-West is supported by the gifts of partners who share our passion for multiplying disciples in the world’s spiritually darkest areas.

We are committed to steward well the resources God has given us to take the gospel to those who have not heard of Jesus Christ’s saving work on the cross. We strive to communicate the impact and needs of these projects with integrity. Because you are one of our financial partners, we wanted to share with you our financial highlights from 2021.

2022 Revenue
2022 Expense

What's Next for 2022?

We are excited to see what the Lord does through 2022.

Get Involved in 2022

This vision of multiplying one million new disciples can only be accomplished through the global church working together. It will take our national partners, missionaries, and partners to reach the unreached. 

What’s your role?

Become a Multiplier

East-West Multipliers are believers who desire to multiply disciples and churches among the unreached and do so through monthly acts of generosity.

Multipliers are world changers who take God at His word. They are confident that a day is coming when people will worship Him from every nation, tribe, people, and language (Revelation 7:9). And they want to be a part of seeing this promise come true.