The Church is faced with a global problem: more than 3 billion people are unreached with the gospel.

These unreached people have no access to a Bible, a church, or a local Christ follower. Without the light of the gospel, they will continue to live in perpetual spiritual darkness.

A global problem like this needs a God-sized solution. 

When Jesus gave the command to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20), He didn’t give the order to just the original disciples. He meant for the whole Church to answer the call.

At East-West, we want to rally believers to use their individual giftings so that the global Church can move as a unified front to reach the unreached. Together, we can see people from every tribe, nation, and tongue come to know and follow Jesus. Together, we can unite as One Church seeking to reach All People.

2022 Faith Goals

By mobilizing the global Church to reach all people, East-West is seeking to accomplish these faith goals in 2022:

Share the gospel iconShare the gospel with 17.5 million people

Multiply disciples icon
Multiply 300,000 disciples

Equip and train new leaders iconTrain 21,000 new leaders

Send new workers iconPlant 22,000 new churches

Engage new unreached people groups iconSend 320 new workers

Launch new global cities iconEngage 12 new unreached people groups

We need you.

Just as the body is made up of many parts, so is the global Church made up of many individuals, each with a unique role (1 Corinthians 12:12-14). We need your help to make this God-sized vision a reality. 


What’s your role in the Great Commission?