East-West has been dedicated to fulfilling God’s great call to make disciples since 1993, and God has graciously used our ministry to impact some of the world’s spiritually darkest areas through the power of the gospel. The Lord has enabled us to transform millions of lives through a variety of creative and strategic projects.

With a solid infrastructure of local partners and church leaders in place—and a God who can do the impossible—East-West is prayerfully pursuing a five-year vision to multiply one million disciples in the spiritually darkest areas of the world.

This vision focuses on advancing God’s Kingdom through mobilizing the church, evangelizing the lost, equipping national leaders, and multiplying healthy churches and disciples.

2013–2017 Goals 2013–2016 Results*
New Disciples 1,000,000 836,528
Reached with the Gospel 120,000,000 99,357,563
Indicated Professions of Faith Not Projected 6,041,149
Leaders Trained 250,000 486,684
Churches Planted 50,000 88,079
STMT Participants 1,000 675
Church Partnerships 500 316
Long-Term Missionaries 200 202
Prayer Partners 5,000 1,830

*Statistics indicate reports gathered from the field through from January 2013–September 2016.

It is only through our continued efforts in leadership training and church planting that believers will be multiplied. Please join us in praying for God to lead us and empower us as we aim to fulfill the vision that He has given to us. 

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