Power to Change

The Power to Change (P2C) campaigns use a symphony of all available media in some of the world’s largest mega-cities to proclaim the message of the gospel to the masses. Through 30 days of nonstop communication, the campaigns tell how God provides the power to change a life through a personal relationship with His Son—Jesus Christ.

The campaigns tell the testimonies of nationals whose lives have been changed by God’s power using:

  • Television—regular network broadcasts, not just Christian television stations
  • Radio
  • Newspaper
  • Billboards
  • Bus Signs
  • Flyers
  • Call Center
  • Website
  • Literature distribution

All media directs its audience to a campaign website and/or a call center. It is through these two avenues that people can obtain more information on the gospel message and on getting involved in a local church or a new house church plant.

Also, campaign books which include a collection of national testimonies and a clear, concise gospel presentation are used in the campaign. These books are hand delivered by church volunteers to those who provide their information on the website or through the call center.

Not only do these campaigns proclaim the message of the gospel to the masses, but they also strengthen existing churches. To execute the campaign within a mega-city, a partnership of many churches is required to fulfill the many tasks associated with completing a campaign. Churches in these mega-cities have consistently reported an increase of seekers coming to their doors . . . eager to surrender to God’s life-changing power!

East-West has already held Power to Change campaigns in several mega-cities resulting in millions of people being exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ!


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