Orphan/Children's Ministry

At-risk children are all over the world —suffering crushing loneliness and feeling the hopelessness of rejection.  Many of these children have an uncertain future. They need to know that they are not forgotten and have value. They need to know the love of Christ and the hope He gives.

The ages of 4-14 present a crucial time in a child’s life—85% of Christians make their commitment to follow Christ at these ages. Because about one-third of the world’s population is under 15, our ministry to orphans and village children is more necessary than ever.

East-West’s Children’s ministry works alongside national believers. We provide vital support in their ministry to at-risk children at a crucial time in their lives—helping them be examples of grace to the community. We also minister to children through short-term mission trips to Russia, India, Kenya, and Mexico.

The needs of at-risk children around the world are overwhelming. We share the love of Christ with these children to see their hearts changed through the grace of God—because Christ is the only answer for a hurting and lost world.

Areas where the Orphan and Chilren's Ministry serves: