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Orphans in India face extraordinary challenges—being passed from place to place and finding abuse instead of love wherever they go. But in one small corner of India, in the state of Chhattisgarh, there was a refuge for the children whose families abandoned them.

Mercy Home provided care, education, and God’s love to 67 children. However, their previous ministry sponsor has shifted focus—forcing Mercy Home to close its doors, unable to provide hope any longer to these children in need like Akash and his three older sisters, pictured above, who fled their abusive uncle’s house in search of safety.


Mercy Home could still be a place of refuge and love for these 67 children. East-West, in partnership with a handful of individuals, is working hard to make sure that Mercy Home can open its doors again to care physically and spiritually for the children whose lives could be devastated by its closing.

Through Mercy Home, the remaining 67 children would have the opportunity to thrive—receiving the highest education possible, hearing the love of Christ, and capable of impacting the lives of those around them.


Sirin was completely alone—a child without parents, a home, or adults who loved and cared for her. She was left without hope or a future in the heart of India.  Then beginning in 2003, the Mercy Home became her shelter throughout her childhood and teenage years ... caring for her needs, providing her education, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with her.

Today, Sirin stands as a shining example of how God is using Mercy Home to reach the unreached and prepare a new generation to share the gospel with the next. As she prepares to graduate nursing school this year, she feels completely equipped for her future on earth and full of hope for eternity.


This unique situation provides a tremendous opportunity to invest in the future of India. Each child receives room and board in addition to a first class, English speaking elementary, high school, and appropriate higher education ... allowing them to escape poverty and break free from caste barriers.

The funding requirements will diminish over time as the children complete their higher education and become self-sufficient.

Complete care for 1 child: $120/month; $1440/year
Total investment for all 67 children: $8040/month; $96,480/year


We are seeking partners who desire to bring the sustenance, education, opportunity, and hope these young men and women so that a new generation of believers in India will rise.

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