Latin America National Evangelism

Despite the potential hindrances of a Communist government, persecution, and a regimented society, the gospel is spreading at an unprecedented pace in one Latin America nation. Continued oppression has left this nation spiritually hungry and ready to respond to the life-changing truth of the gospel.

East-West seeks to be an active part in assisting the already prolific church planting movement taking place in Latin America. With this goal in mind, 24 national trainers have developed a network of individuals and churches that are participating in this mass evangelism project.

Each national trainer will spend one month in the town of a participating church each month of the year, equipping local believers with the tools to evangelize and plant churches in their area. The trainers will lead the local churches in implementing the concepts of their training with door-to-door evangelism and follow-up practices. The ultimate goal of the trainers is to partner with local churches to share the gospel with at least 3,000 people each month.

Additionally, new believers who demonstrate leadership potential will participate in training, developed by East-West, which equips them to establish healthy house churches that continue to multiply.

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