Georgia Women's Equipping

In a culture where women often don’t have much status, East West is providing much needed and highly valued ministry training specifically for women.
The Entrust curriculum and facilitated learning process (discovery through discussion and practice) is the first-ever program of its kind in the Republic of Georgia. Courses are translated into the Georgian language and each student prepares extensive homework prior to the twice-yearly training sessions. However, the training sessions are conducted in Russian, since this is the first generation of women in Georgia to go through the Entrust equipping process, and we do not have Georgian speakers yet who can equip others.  This dual language training in the first generation requires that each student must have high Russian language skills to allow her to not only learn but also to lead parts of the training sessions.
In the initial course, women are trained to lead Bible studies and small group discussion by developing and using well-designed,  thought-provoking questions related to the scriptural truths they have studied in their homework. Skills for inductive Bible study are learned in the 2nd course, for use personally and in teaching others.  The third course helps a woman to grow in understanding and addressing heart issues so that she is able to work through not only her own motivations, emotions and thoughts, but be able to counsel other women in their struggles using God's truth.  The final course helps female leadership  set up ministry to other women.  The women in training are already heavily involved in ministry but have never had women-specific training.
Presently, the Georgian women are almost three quarters of the way through the equipping process.  When the courses are complete, this initial group of women will be fully equipped and prepared to competently and confidently minister in their churches, to develop and train other women’s leaders, and to mobilize believing women for outreach to the lost. Response to the training has been overwhelmingly positive, with the ladies saying that these courses have changed the way they look at and do ministry.  Not only are they excited about sharing Biblical truth, but they are confident that they can do it in a meaningful way that isn't boring!  In fact, the consensus is that this is the best training they have ever had.
Over the past nearly 20 years, this training has multiplied in Russia from just 21 women to over 1000 women all over the country. We pray that the Lord will do the same thing in Georgia!

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