East Asia University Opportunity

Our work among the universities of East Asia is one of East-West’s newest and most exciting efforts.

 Each year, we supply multiple teachers to several universities to teach conversational English and American culture. This unprecedented access for East-West has also allowed our instructors to teach other courses such as: business, art, music and Bible.

 Additionally, each summer East-West takes several teams to East Asia for two weeks to participate in culture camps. Through breakout sessions, social activities, games and sports, college students in East Asia learn about American culture.

 This effort targets those who are striving to one day become the leaders of their countries. By developing relationships with these future leaders, on-site workers are able to share the gospel with these young, curious students. As students make decisions about Jesus, they are either introduced to local churches or start their own small cell groups.

 Through this strategy, East-West is reaching the next generation of East Asia’s leaders for Christ. Our prayer is that this strategy will lead to a change in East Asia that will one day reach the highest levels of leadership.

 You can join us in making an impact on tomorrow’s East Asia—today. Learn more about teaching in East Asia.

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