East Asia Digital Evangelism Project

For centuries, the souls of East Asians have been clouded by darkness—religions full of vain rituals or the emptiness of atheism. But below the cloud of darkness lies a growing hunger for Truth.

Every day, 591 million people in East Asia log on to the Internet. Sometimes they’re searching for the latest news stories or for answers to their homework. But a growing number of East Asians are searching for answers to deeper truths ... for Jesus.

East-West has developed an innovative project that combines the reach of the Internet in East Asia with the power of the gospel to bring Truth to East Asia.

How It Works

Through this East Asia Digital Evangelism Project, those searching for specific keywords related to religion, spirituality, or Christianity will have the opportunity to view a website that we’ve helped create to share a clear gospel presentation in video form.

At the end of the video, each person is offered a choice: follow Jesus or receive more information. This choice gives us the ability to follow up with individuals and mentor those who indicate their belief in Jesus Christ. Because of a partnership with other Christian organizations, we have national partners on the ground ready to connect with these new believers.

These in-person encounters provide the opportunity for discipleship for spiritual growth, connection with a local body of believers, and training in evangelism and church planting methods ... so that the gospel continues to multiply in this spiritually dark nation.

Get Involved

Due to the momentum we have already accumulated, we believe this project will expand from one city in East Asia to multiple cities worldwide over the next four years. This creates an enormous opportunity to redeem technology to reach the unreached, and we hope you’ll consider investing in the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

For more information, contact Bob West at bwest@eastwest.org.

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