Democratic Republic of Congo Evangelism

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the second-largest country in Africa and has a population of about 71 million people. There are innumerable remote villages far beyond the reach of roads—many of which have never encountered the gospel and are influenced by witch doctors. Not only do those who live in the eastern side of the DRC face the challenges of poverty and disease, but they often suffer at the hands of the powerful, lawless, and brutal who rape, burn, and kill at will. Fighting to protect illegal mining and trading of the DRC’s plentiful minerals is rampant among bands of militia and villagers are caught in the middle of the combat with no way to protect themselves.

With little hope of a better future, these people need the eternal hope of Christ.

While DRC hosts a large UN peacekeeping effort and numerous humanitarian aid organizations, we are passionate about meeting the spiritual needs of the suffering in the eastern region of the DRC.

East-West is determined to bring the life-changing message of the gospel to them. We have trained village pastors and evangelists in principles of evangelism, church planting and discipleship. These pastors and evangelists are traveling to other villages deeper in the interior with the gospel. They are also reaching the region by taking East-West supplied solar powered projectors loaded with the JESUS Film in Swahili to show in these remote villages.

Our hope is that these ministries will spark a church planting movement among remote villages in eastern DRC.  If you would like to join us in these evangelism efforts by giving financially, there are two ways to give.

1. Give by Check: The check should be made out to East-West Ministries International, and on the memo line please include " account #5080."  You may mail sponsorship donations to:East-West Ministries InternationalAttn: Financial Services2001 W Plano Pkwy #3000 Plano, TX 75075

2. Give Online: You may also "Click to Give" on this page.  

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