Carrying the Gospel to Kenya's Remote People

When considering those living in the vast areas outside the few large cities, only 5% of the Kenyan population has been reached with the gospel. Its remote locations, rural areas, and densely populated small towns require a unique approach to ministry.
East-West, seeking to reach the entire nation with the Good News, is committed to developing, executing and sustaining a ministry that reaches each unique population of Kenya. To accomplish this great task, we have raised up a group of nationals to touch the lives of those in their own people groups.

These national leaders continually implement new ways to minister through humanitarian aid, education, evangelism and training. Supporting the ministry of these nationals is crucial to developing an effective ministry in Kenya.

In the last few years, East-West has seen impactful results from our ministry. A church planting movement has been ignited in the Mount Elgon region—now in its fifth generation. Providing this ministry with key strategies and support will fan the flame of the Holy Spirit throughout the nation.

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