Business for Transformation

Business for Transformation (B4T) initiates the spiritual transformation of people and societies by creating stable and profitable, Kingdom-focused businesses. 

B4T aims to help mission-minded individuals in developing countries establish viable businesses … providing a platform for building relationships that leads to sharing the gospel.

Through this ministry strategy, passionate evangelists and church planters are not only able to become part of restricted-access communities but also create a sustainable revenue stream that provides for their ministry.

These businesses become examples in their communities of God’s love and goodness in several ways:

  • Business owners honor God for their success
  • Workers hear the gospel message
  • Employees and customers are treated with love and respect
  • Profits are used to promote Kingdom work

B4T also engages experienced businessmen and women in utilizing their spiritual gifts for Kingdom work.

For many years, the business community has only been asked to participate in missions financially. But B4T seeks to mobilize experienced businessmen and women to provide Kingdom-focused business training, consulting, mentoring, and advising. 

B4T is a unique and adaptable ministry. With a variety of people and ideas, the opportunities to use business experience and knowledge are unlimited. Here are a few of the most common opportunities for involvement:

  • Helping missionaries establish businesses to support their ministries at home or overseas
  • Providing training and consulting to ministry partners in developing countries to create self-sustaining ministries with profitable businesses—gaining more relational leverage in their communities
  • Developing and operating a foreign business that is mission-minded

B4T not only utilizes the skills of business people for Kingdom work but also provides vital support to missionaries and indigenous leaders on the field … so that the gospel may spread in restricted-access communities.