Owen and Nansi Paun

Missionaries to Pskov

Nansi and I have felt the call to the mission field since before we got married and a few months after the wedding, we quit our jobs and have been preparing to go serve overseas.

Nansi grew up in Bulgaria and went to a gypsy church. I grew up in Los Angeles and moved to Russia for several years after college. Our backgrounds gave us a special desire to serve in Eastern Europe.

Nansi and I will be with a team of four people in Pskov, Russia for a year. Nansi will be working with orphans. I will come alongside a local church, focusing on discipleship and outreach, as well as training church leaders in outlying areas.

Our other two team members will help serve the church in men's spiritual development, including work with alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers.

We are excited to go and see what the Lord will do!