Our Core Values

 As East-West seeks to multiply the Kingdom of God throughout the world, we are committed to a set of core values. These distinct values influence our decisions and behaviors in pursuit of our mission—creating our unique culture and guiding principles.

Passion for Jesus 

The pursuit of Jesus, as our Savior, as our sovereign King, and as our example, is the motivation behind our lives and our ministry efforts.

Passion for grace

The gospel of grace is our greatest joy and is the message we relentlessly declare through our actions and words.

Passion for the spiritually darkest places

The redemptive power of the gospel compels us to take the Name of Jesus where it is unknown, unmentionable, and unwanted.

Passion for bold action

God’s demonstration of bold action to rescue the lost necessitates our own creative, incessant, and courageous initiative to fulfill His Great Commission.