East Asia Teaching Opportunities

Why Teach Overseas?

 The short answer: To change lives.

 Teaching positions offer you multiple opportunities to share your life and your faith with students, teachers, administrators, and members of the community. In addition, you will have the opportunity to increase your education by pursuing master’s level courses during your time at the university.

These campus interactions not only give you valuable work and cultural experiences but they also give you the chance to see lives changed … including yours.

Teach at a University

A heart to serve and an undergraduate degree qualify you to teach conversational English at a university in East Asia. There are also opportunities to teach courses in other disciplines such as: business, music, and art.

During this time in the classroom, you will build relationships and develop opportunities to strategically share your faith after class.

Teaching with East-West includes several benefits such as: reimbursement for round trip airfare, overseas medical coverage, housing, and a monthly salary based on education and experience.

Are you ready to change lives?

East-West is looking for dedicated believers to carry the gospel into the universities of East Asia.

If you want to be part of this growing ministry, contact us at mobilization@eastwest.org